Here are 25 ideas for dulce de leche recipes!

Dulce de leche is also referred to as Mexican caramel. It is so flippin’ scrumptious. I really feel it’s underrated, chocolate all the time steals the limelight. So here’s a wholesome, um, slightly, candy record of the way so as to add this yummy deal with to your favourite desserts.

It is a creamy and wealthy caramel sauce comprised of sweetened condensed goat’s (or cow) milk. It is a candy and decadent deal with that can be utilized on a wide range of desserts. Think of it as a topping that may be delightfully drizzled on nearly any dessert.

Trivia: The distinction between dulce de leche and caramel is the previous is comprised of solely goat or cow milk and the latter is made with butter, cream, and sugar. There can be cajeta, which can be comprised of goat’s milk.

I broke down these ideas into toppings, dippings, mix-ins, and layering. This record may go on endlessly!

Toppings and dippings:

Dipping churro in dulce de leche caramel. Wooden board with churros


S’mores – Spread dulce de leche on graham crackers and sandwich with marshmallows and chocolate.

French toast – Drizzle it on prime or soak your bread in a combination of egg, milk, and dulce de leche for a decadent breakfast.

Churros – Serve churros with a aspect of heat dulce de leche for dipping.

Ice cream sundae – Rather than use chocolate fudge, use it and prime with pecans and whipped cream.

Plain cheesecake – Drizzle on prime of plain pound cake or cheesecake.

Fruit tray – Bananas, apple slices, pear slices.

Oatmeal – Add a dollop on prime.

Toast – unfold on prime of buttered toast.

Mix it in:

dulce de leche recipes

Brownies – Swirl dulce de leche into brownie batter earlier than baking for a caramel twist.

Cheesecake – Incorporate dulce de leche into your cheesecake batter for a creamy, caramel-flavored dessert.

Ice Cream – Mix dulce de leche into your ice cream base for a wealthy, caramel-flavored deal with.

Rice Pudding – Stir dulce de leche into cooked rice pudding for a caramel twist on this traditional consolation meals.

dulce de leche recipes
Mix a teaspoon of dulce de leche into your cafecito for a pleasant deal with! Photo credit score: Gerardo Huitrón.


Cafecito – Stir a spoonful of dulce de leche into your espresso for a candy, caramel taste.

Pancakes – Swirl dulce de leche into pancake batter or use as a topping for an additional particular breakfast.

Flan – Make a conventional flan much more decadent by including dulce de leche to the custard combination.

Chocolate Chip Cookies – Add dollops of dulce de leche to your cookie dough earlier than baking for caramel-filled treats.

Milkshake – Blend dulce de leche with ice cream and milk for a creamy, caramel milkshake.

Banana Bread – Swirl dulce de leche into your banana bread batter earlier than baking for a moist, caramel-infused loaf.

Hot Chocolate – Stir dulce de leche into sizzling chocolate for a decadent, creamy drink.

Pound Cake – Swirl dulce de leche into your pound cake batter for a caramel marble impact.

Layer it:

dulce de leche recipes


Banoffee Pie – Layer bananas, dulce de leche, and whipped cream on a biscuit base for this traditional dessert.

Apple Pie – Layer slices of apple with dulce de leche in your pie for a caramel apple taste.

Tiramisu – Replace among the mascarpone combination with dulce de leche for a caramel twist on this Italian traditional.

Coconut bars – Layer coconut and dulce de leche over a biscuit base and bake for a chewy, candy deal with.

Use as a filling:

dulce de leche recipes
Photo credit score:jroballo


Alfajores – These conventional Latin American cookies encompass two shortbread-like cookies with a dulce de leche filling.

Crepes – Fill crepes with dulce de leche and a sprinkle of powdered sugar for a easy but indulgent dessert.

Donuts – Fill home made or store-bought donuts with dulce de leche for a candy shock.

Thumbprint cookies – Press your thumb into cookie dough balls, bake, and fill the indentations with dulce de leche.

Popsicles – Freeze a combination of dulce de leche and cream for a easy, but indulgent frozen deal with.

Mousse – Whip dulce de leche with cream and egg whites for a lightweight, ethereal dessert.

Empanadas – Or course, proper?

And if you wish to go deeper, there are different methods to make use of it in your baked items and extra. The ultimate result’s all the time well worth the effort of constructing it!

How to make your personal dulce de leche:

I’ve seen every kind of movies on TikTok the place you can also make home made dulce de leche just by putting an unopened can for eight hours in a crock pot or on the spot pot of water bathtub. Make certain to have sufficient water to cowl the highest of the can. It will rework right into a nutty brown coloration that’s just about home made caramel. Let cool to room temperature for a few hours. It is the simplest approach I’ve seen to make it! LINK.


Making some dulce de leche for a order this weekend. #dulcedeleche #crockpot #bakingtiktok #VideoSnapChallenge

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IMPORTANT: Make certain the water covers the highest of the can! Otherwise, this will happen:


ADHD received me as we speak, received distracted and forgot I used to be making Dulce de Leche and the water line went under the can degree ???? BIG increase and some hours of cleansing later ????????‍♀️ I needed to chuckle about it, to cease myself from crying ????

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Here are totally different strategies to make dulce de leche at house.

You can discover condensed milk at your native grocery store

Here is a video that shows four ways to make dulce de leche.

YouTube video

Stovetop: Remove the label from a can of sweetened condensed milk, place it in a big pot, and fill the pot with water till the can is totally submerged. Bring the water to a simmer and let it prepare dinner for 2-Three hours for a gentle dulce de leche or longer for a thicker consistency. Make certain to maintain the can coated with water always to keep away from the chance of the can exploding.

Oven: Pour sweetened condensed milk right into a pie dish or shallow baking dish. Cover it with foil and place it in a bigger pan crammed with water (making a water bathtub). Bake at 425°F (220°C) for 1-1.5 hours or till it reaches the specified coloration and consistency. Stir often all through cooking.

Microwave: Pour sweetened condensed milk right into a microwave-safe bowl. Microwave on a medium setting for 2 minutes at a time, stirring in between, for a complete of about 12-15 minutes or till thickened and caramel-colored. This technique requires consideration to keep away from boiling over.

Pressure Cooker: Also works with an Instant Pot. Place a can of sweetened condensed milk on a trivet inside your strain cooker. Add water till the can is roofed. Cook on excessive strain for 35-40 minutes for a softer dulce de leche, or lengthen the time for a thicker texture. Allow pure launch earlier than opening the strain cooker.

Double Boiler: Pour sweetened condensed milk into the highest pan of a double boiler or a heatproof bowl set over a pan of simmering water. Cook, stirring often, for 1-2 hours or till it’s thickened and caramel-colored. This technique permits for direct management over the cooking temperature, decreasing the chance of burning.

Sealed Jar in Water Bath: Similar to the sluggish cooker technique, however this may be finished on a stovetop. Place sealed jars of sweetened condensed milk in a big pot, cowl with water, and simmer for 2-Three hours, guaranteeing the water degree stays fixed.


Always use warning, particularly with strategies involving sealed cans or jars, to forestall burns or explosions resulting from strain build-up!

These ideas ought to offer you loads of inspiration to benefit from the wealthy, creamy taste of dulce de leche in a wide range of desserts and treats!

Thanks for trying out my submit about dulce de leche recipes.

Another idea from Blanca’s Tableta, love this!

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