This chocolate and chile biscotti recipe is for individuals who need a spicy kick of their sweets this season!

There’s nothing like the vacations and cool climate to get me into the temper to get carb-y and sugar-y. Hey, each as soon as in awhile we are able to deal with ourselves, proper?


I went by means of an outdated cookbook my mother had and I discovered a recipe for a conventional Italian almond biscotti.

This is, like, a legit recipe. I even needed to convert the measurements from metric to American commonplace (ughhh… curse you fifth grade arithmetic!!)

…however in fact as a result of I don’t need something in my life to be straightforward I made a decision to change the recipe to present it a little bit of a Latin kick by including two of my favourite treats: Dried chile-mango items and Abuelita chocolate.

Chile Mango Chocolate Biscotti

It got here out fairly scrumptious and I can’t wait to share it with you!

What is a biscotti?

Biscotti means “twice-cooked” in Italian. It is cookie historically made in Italy. The baking course of includes baking the cookies twice, is what offers biscotti their distinct texture and sturdiness.

Biscotti, which suggests “twice-cooked” in Italian, is a kind of cookie historically made in Italy. The distinctive baking course of, which certainly includes baking the cookies twice, is what offers biscotti their distinct texture and sturdiness. Here’s a short overview of what biscotti are and their traits:

Originating within the Italian area of Tuscany, they had been initially created as a long-lasting meals merchandise that may very well be simply saved, making them very best for vacationers and troopers.

The fundamental elements of biscotti embrace flour, sugar, eggs, and nuts—almonds being essentially the most conventional. However, fashionable variations embrace a variety of flavors like chocolate, dried fruits, spices, and even savory variations.

Biscotti is all the time crunchy and dry. The first bake is as a loaf, which is then sliced into particular person cookies and baked once more. The second baking dries them out, making them crisp and good for dipping in drinks. YUM!!!!

Serve biscotti with a drink into which they are often dunked. In Italy, they’re usually paired with Vin Santo, a candy dessert wine. Elsewhere, they’re generally loved with cafecito or tea. 

Here is what you’ll need for this chocolate and chile biscotti recipe:

Chile Mango Chocolate Biscotti

2 1/four cups flour

1/four cup darkish cocoa powder

1/four cup floor Abuelita chocolate

1 tsp. baking powder

1 1/Three cups sugar

Three giant eggs

Three egg yolks

1 tbsp. pure almond extract

1 tsp. vanilla extract

3/four cup chopped blanched almonds

3/four cup chopped dried chili-mango

How to make this chocolate and chile biscotti recipe!

Begin by preheating your oven to 350 levels F.

Toast your almonds on a baking sheet for about 10 minutes or till golden, then put aside to chill.

Ground Abuelita chocolate


Smokey darkish cocoa powder


In a big mixing bowl, mix flour, cocoa, chocolate, baking powder and sugar till it’s a uniform coloration.chili-mango-biscotti-dry-ingredients

In a separate bowl whisk collectively the eggs, yolks, vanilla and almond extract. Add moist combine to dry and stir till the dough comes collectively, about 2 minutes. You could need to use your arms for this half to essentially work the dough collectively however only a warning, this dough is SUPER sticky!! chili-mango-biscotti-dough

Next, add within the chili-mango items and the toasted almonds and work till fully included.  chili-almond-dough

Place a chunk of parchment onto a baking sheet and place the dough onto the sheet. Form the dough right into a log form and place within the oven to bake for 25 minutes then take away. Allow your biscotti log to chill for five minutes. Using a pointy bread knife, reduce the biscotti go surfing a slight diagonal into items about 1/2-inch thick.


Lower the warmth to 300 levels, then return the biscotti to a baking sheet, just a bit bit aside from one another, and place in oven. IMG_5666

Bake for an extra 20 minutes (flipping the biscotti midway by means of ) till crisp and dry.IMG_5676

Allow the biscotti to chill and dry and then you might be able to take pleasure in this spicy candy dessert with a cup of cafecito or a sizzling mug of atole.

Stay heat and blissful!


Jeshua <3

Chile Mango Chocolate Biscotti

Other Mexi-inspired biscotti concepts:

Mexican-inspired biscotti generally is a pleasant fusion of Italian baking strategies with the wealthy and different flavors of Mexican delicacies! Let’s strive one!

Lime and Coconut Biscotti: Capture the tropical flavors of Mexico by incorporating lime zest and shredded coconut into your biscotti dough. Drizzle with a lime-infused glaze for further zest.

Mexican Coffee Biscotti: Blend in finely floor Mexican espresso beans and a splash of cinnamon. These biscotti could be good for dipping in a cup of sizzling espresso.

Cajeta (Caramel) and Pecan Biscotti: Incorporate cajeta, a Mexican caramel constituted of goat’s milk, into your biscotti dough and add chopped pecans for a nutty crunch.

Tequila and Lime Biscotti: Infuse your biscotti with a touch of tequila and lime zest, capturing the essence of a traditional Margarita cocktail.

Cinnamon and Vanilla Biscotti: Utilize the traditional flavors of Mexican cinnamon (canela) and vanilla in your biscotti for a heat, fragrant deal with.

Pumpkin Seed and Anise Biscotti: Incorporate toasted pumpkin seeds (pepitas) and a touch of anise seed, echoing the flavors present in some conventional Mexican breads.

Cornmeal and Jalapeño Biscotti: Add a savory twist by utilizing cornmeal in your dough and mixing in finely diced jalapeños for a bit of warmth.

Tamarind and Ginger Biscotti: Use tamarind paste and crystallized ginger to create a biscotti with a tangy and spicy taste profile.

These concepts mix the yummy appeal of Mexican flavors with the crisp, satisfying texture of Italian biscotti, creating distinctive treats good for any event.

Chile Mango Chocolate Biscotti


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