Interested in DIY coin jewellery? Here is make a ring from your pesos!

I like to journey – particularly BIG journeys. As a end result, I all the time have leftover cash. No worries, they impressed this craft!  Turning overseas cash into beautiful rings trimmed with flat again crystals is an extremely satisfying craft, and tremendous sparkly!

Check out my video above exhibiting how I made these, or simply scroll by to see the entire instructions and purchasing listing.

rings made from pesos

Not solely does this system permit you to create distinctive items, however it additionally combines cultural components with mega shine.

Here is DIY coin jewellery with crystals!



Foreign Coins – Choose cash with fascinating designs or cultural significance. The dimension and materials of the coin will decide the ultimate look of your ring.

Flat Back Glass Crystals – Size ss10 will give a dainty look whereas SS16 is a bit chunky. Both work nice for peso rings. Do not use plastic or acyclic, persist with glass crystals.

flat back crystals

Ring Blanks: These are the bases onto which you’ll connect the coin and crystals. You can discover adjustable ring blanks in jewellery provide shops.

2-part Epoxy Resin or e6000: This adhesive will securely connect the ring again to the coin.

UV resin and light: To connect the crystals to the cash.

Jewelry Tools**: Needle-nose pliers, tweezers, and a small paintbrush will enable you deal with and place the coin and crystals.

Protective Gear: Safety goggles and gloves are necessary when working with resin and adhesives.

How to make DIY Coin Jewelry with crystals


diy coin jewelry

Select a Coin: Choose a overseas coin that resonates with you or holds sentimental worth. The dimension and design of the coin will decide the ring’s total look.

Clean and Prepare: Begin by totally cleansing the overseas coin to take away any grime or residue. This will be sure that the adhesive bonds correctly. Also, clear your work space and collect all your supplies.

Plan the design

Plan Crystal Placement: Design the structure of the crystals across the coin. Experiment with totally different preparations till you discover a sample that enhances the coin’s design. Use tweezers to maneuver the crystals round with out touching them instantly.

Apply UV resin: I used a precision tip bottle, or you’ll be able to apply with a chopstick. Add skinny circle across the coin.

adding resin to coin

Attach Crystals: Working one crystal at a time, apply a small quantity of bijou adhesive to the again of every crystal and thoroughly place it onto the coin. Use a paintbrush or tweezers to place the crystals exactly.

diy coin jewelry

Now add resin within the heart so it’s even and bubble-free.

diy coin jewelry

Cure it!

Place it beneath the UV mild for 2-Three minutes till totally exhausting.

diy coin jewelry

Attach the ring again: Using 2-part epoxy resin or e6000, adhere the coin to the ring clean’s flat floor. Hold it in place till the adhesive units. Ensure that the coin is centered and degree.

diy coin jewelry

Finishing Touches: Once the crystals are securely hooked up, examine the ring for any free crystals. Gently press down on any that may want reinforcement.

diy peso rings

Peso ring, model 2

For these peso rings, I glued the cash to a wooden base, then added the crystals. A bit of chunkier however they nonetheless got here out actually cool!



Color the wooden items with the marker, you may also use paint if you’d like. You also can use wooden checkers!




Glue the coin within the heart. Add the crystals, utilizing the method above.




For this ring, I used crystals on a strand. I just like the black border across the sparkle, it provides a lot of physique to the design!



 My completed rings!


Here is how the ring seems to be on my hand. Yup, I like massive jewellery. You can use smaller cash for a smaller look. If that’s the case, I’d go along with smaller crystals as nicely!

diy coin jewelry




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