Here is how to add gold luster to ceramics. Granted, this tutorial is for anybody who works with fired ceramics and has entry to a kiln. But in case you are within the course of, you’ll be able to go to an area paint on pottery or ceramic studio and they’ll assist information you alongside via this course of!

Scroll down to the top of this put up to see how to add gold to ceramics for those who don’t have a kiln!

I’ve been working with ceramics right here in my studio for nearly 15 years. I’m all the time amazed on the various things that may very well be carried out with this artwork type. Adding gold to my completed items are…CHEF’s KISS!


It’s a little bit of a course of as a result of it takes an additional firing. And that little gold bottle is fairly spendy.  It’s value it. I’ve barely dabbled on this approach, however there’s a number of inspiration on Instagram!

Here is a video I made showing a recent batch

Know your gold

I’ve labored with two kinds of gold lusters for ceramics: Bright Gold (7% gold) and Premium gold (11% gold). The latter is costlier, about $50+ for a tiny bottle, however is extra forgiving.

I counsel beginning with Bright Gold to apply. When you are feeling assured together with your fashion, improve.

Supplies to add gold luster to ceramics:

Finished fired ceramic piece

Gold lustre

Plastic gloves



Cotton Swab or clear fabric

Alcohol for clear up.

A kiln

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how to add gold to ceramics
Start with a fired ceramic piece. This could be one thing you created your self.

I’m unsure you possibly can do that to ceramic piece purchased from a retail retailer.

This tutorial is usually for individuals who work in a ceramic studio and have their very own kiln to use.

how to add gold to ceramics
This is the type I used!

You will want to put on a masks as a result of it is extremely smelly. And it’s also very oily!

Decide the place you need to add the gold in your ceramic piece.

Dip your brush into the bottle of luster after which apply to desired areas in your ceramic piece.

how to add gold to ceramics

I needed to add dots, so I used a head pin from my jewellery provides to make good tiny dots.

how to add gold to ceramics


You solely want to add one coat. If you add an excessive amount of, it’s going to run and probably drip.


Mistakes occur! To take away the gold luster, merely dip a cotton swab in alcohol and punctiliously wipe away what you don’t need.

For bigger areas, use a cotton ball or a paper towel.

Fire your piece:

how to add gold to ceramics

Setting is Cone 018. You don’t want to stilt your items as a result of the kiln is not going to get sizzling sufficient to soften the glaze that’s already on the mug.

Let your kiln cool after the firing course of is finished.

Remove and revel in! Inspect your items to see how one can enhance subsequent time!

how to add gold to ceramics

And that’s it, that’s the way you add gold luster to ceramics. The potentialities are limitless! I additionally added a pearl luster to different areas of those mugs.

It is identical course of, and likewise fires to Cone 018.

Things to be mindful:

how to add gold to ceramics

You won’t be able to microwave your piece after is has the gold. As with all steel in microwaves, it’s going to trigger sparks!

Use a product referred to as Essence to clear the gold luster out of your brush.

How to add gold to ceramics for those who don’t have a kiln

I’d go together with one thing like this Pebeo Porcelaine 150 – oven bake gold. It’s not as everlasting as fired ceramics, however it’s going to get the job carried out!

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