DIY corner bench

Here’s How I Built this Bench

2x4 banquette bench

I constructed frames to suit the area utilizing 2x4s, then elevated the frames with legs.

Banquette bench

I coated the frames with 1/4″ thick plywood.

Banquette bench top

Then I trimmed it with 1×3 boards and added a 3/4″ thick plywood prime.

Watch the Quick Build Video

Can I Build Any Size?

Yes, this bench plan is designed to be customized match to your area.  Your 2×4 frames will decide the dimensions, and all the pieces previous that’s simply measuring and chopping to suit.

How Much Did it Cost to Build?

For this bench, about eight foot x 10 foot, 2 ft deep (it is large!!!) I used about 10 2x4x8s, 1 sheet of 1/4″ plywood, 1 sheet of 3/4″ plywood, and about 10 1x3x8 boards.  I used a half a gallon of paint, screws, alot of nails and cheap hinges.  Overall value was beneath $300.  Similar sized benches are upwards of $5000!

How Long Did it Take to Build?

Three days complete, the primary day was getting supplies, prepping the area, and then I obtained the benches framed up.  The second day I just about completed constructing it.  The third day was ending it.

Can I Build at an Angle for a Dining Nook?

Yes, you will nonetheless construct the identical means, simply go away lifeless area within the angled areas.  It will probably be somewhat difficult on the trim out – this will require a compound miter noticed.  

Can I Build a Straight Bench?

Yep, even simpler.  Just construct a single straight bench.  But perhaps take into account attaching to the wall behind to maintain it in place.

Can I Keep My Baseboard Trim?

Yes, on this venture, I saved the baseboard, and merely scribed the trim round it.  You can take away the baseboard too.

Free Plans to Build this Banquette Bench

Here’s the step-by-step plans, designed to be modified as a nook bench, nook bench, window seat bench – no matter you want!

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