Anytime I put up a image of my handplane on the bench, somebody pipes as much as inform me how and why I’m unsuitable.

It’s an outdated carpenter’s edict that states a handplane must be positioned on its facet when it’s not in use to assist shield the blade from getting dinged; it’s a “rule” that utilized if you couldn’t be certain the place you may be setting that blade – atop a steel floor, on the floor, on a newly poured gravel mattress (in different phrases, anyplace on a job web site the place a carpenter may be working).

So these naysayers who squawk, “If you place your plane on its sole, you obviously don’t know what you’re doing!” should have had that data crushed into them (maybe even actually) by an outdated carpenter or somebody who discovered woodworking from an outdated carpenter – as a result of how lengthy has it been since a handplane was frequent on a job web site?!

I’m not a carpenter. I work inside at a wood bench that does on uncommon event see a bit of steel and grit, but when so is totally cleaned of any such contaminants instantly afterward. So by putting my handplane on its sole on my wood bench, my reasoning goes, I’m defending the enterprise finish of the blade from being struck by one other instrument or (worse) by my hand.

But if I do place a airplane on its facet on my bench (which is all the time accidentally, by the method), a soles-down fanatic, who discovered from a furnishings maker who didn’t study from a carpenter, leaves a remark/sends a message that “You clearly don’t know what you’re doing!”

I actually don’t care a technique or the different what you do along with your planes. Heck – perhaps you’re one of these crazies who rests them sole down, however with the entrance edge on a skinny strip of wooden to boost the blade off the bench? Or you place it throughout your instrument effectively so each ends are supported whereas the blade is hanging in the air? (Side notice: A instrument effectively? Ugh? But that’s a totally different put up.)

What I do care about – what will get my dander up – is the want of some folks to inform different folks they’re unsuitable. “Oh look! A non-substantive mistake on the internet. I must correct it!!” Oh do sod off.

Just as a result of somebody doesn’t do a factor the method you do it, doesn’t imply it’s unsuitable. (And that’s a good lesson to recollect in the classroom too.)

Now when you’ll pardon me, I’m off to knit some airplane cozies – the solely proper approach to retailer handplanes.

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