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Building Your Canteen

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1⁄2″ thick lumber – 48″ lengthy
1⁄4″ thick plywood – 10″ x 20″
1 every, 2″ large cotton/linen carrying strap
1 every, 2″ strap buckle (non-compulsory f/ carrying strap)
2 every, Three 1/2″ lengthy x 1⁄2″ large leather-based items or metal strap
1⁄2″ leather-based banding or metal strap (for the hoops)
20-24 every, ½” or 7/16″ lengthy, upholstery tacks (for “hoop” trim and carrying strap)

Cut your staves from a 1⁄2″ thick piece of sq. lumber. If the piece is lengthy sufficient chances are you’ll solely have to do that as soon as and create all of the staves from one piece of lumber. You could substitute shorter items and repeat the lower. Set your desk noticed blade to chop at a 15-degree angle and rip down one facet, creating your first bevel. Adjust the desk noticed fence to the “Stave Outside Width” of the stave you chose partially 1 (3/Four gallon or 1 quart). Flip the board the place the bevel is dealing with down and is in opposition to the fence of the desk noticed. Rip the second bevel within the lengthy piece of lumber. Now it is best to have a lengthy piece with a 15-degree bevel on every lengthy facet in kind of a “V”. The ends of the lumber are nonetheless at 90 levels.

Stave segments lower at 15 levels.

We will now lower the person (12) staves. The stave wooden grain goes alongside the size of the stave.

Warning – Do Not Crosscut with The Rip Fence – Instead, use a miter gauge or a crosscut sled.

You should make your staves with cross cuts into a number of items of similar size. DO NOT use the rip fence as a supporting barrier for crosscutting. You can clamp a cease block to the fence for correct measurement of size and use the miter gauge to information your inventory by the blade. This approach, you remove the danger of your workpiece getting squeezed between the fence and the blade.

Set your desk noticed fence block to be Four inches from the blade, and use the miter gauge on the desk noticed to carry the lumber perpendicular to the blade. Cut a small piece from the tip of the lumber piece to steadiness the lower, and rid it of any roughness or splits. Check for squareness of this finish lower. Then make the 12 staves with a crosscut.

Cutting the Top and Bottom Stave Channels

You could make the channel for holding the canteen prime/backside with a router or your desk noticed. After you need to lower every stave to 4″ in size, then return to the desk noticed or router and lower a 1⁄4″ channel on the “Stave Inner Width” ends (Bottom of the mitered “V”). The channel is 1⁄4″ from the tip and is 1⁄4″ deep. The stave size should have the grain working on the lengthy edge. You can use a number of strategies to chop the channel;

  1. You could make a number of passes of the stave on the desk noticed to chop the channels. Set the place you need the lower on the desk noticed, set the blade top to 1⁄Four inch, lower a go on every bit on every finish. Make successive cuts till you get a channel (rabbet) 1/4″ x 1/4″.
  2. Use a desk noticed with a dado blade, 1⁄Four inch stack set to 1⁄Four in top. If you could have this, you in all probability know how one can use it as effectively.
  3. Use a router – assuming you could have one you in all probability know how one can use it for this undertaking and I received’t element it right here.

Stave channels being fitted to the highest and backside panels

Cutting the Top and Bottom Panels

The prime/backside panels should be constructed however if you happen to can depend on the schematic picture the panel could not match, as that is the general diameter, not permitting for the channels to carry the highest/backside in place. It is finest to dry assemble your canteen with blue painters tape, and measure the within channel throughout the opposing channel to make sure a tight match.

Everyone has their approach of reducing a circle utilizing numerous templates, jigs, compass drawings and so forth. Use a band noticed or jig noticed to chop the circle as precisely as you’ll be able to. Take two items of 1⁄4″ Plywood about 9 x 9 inches sq.. Use some double-sided tape to stick the 2 items collectively. This permits you to lower each prime/backside panels directly. Sand the sides easy and sand the surfaces earlier than meeting and ending.

Test the match of the spherical panels with the dry fit your needs did earlier with blue painter’s tape.

Building a Spout and Stopper

Spout with stopper.

The Spout

I’ve a wooden lathe so I can get artistic in making a spout for the canteen. In the unique drawings, the spout is sq. and never very detailed. To preserve it easy, a block is angularly lower, and affixed to the highest stave of the canteen with a cosy match and a few glue. The gap is abou 5/8″ in diameter. After the spout is affixed to the stave, a tapered gap might be made with a step drill,or an angled rasp after the opening is drilled.

Step drill bits and tapered rasp for rotary drill

The Stopper

A wine bottle cork may work, however it isn’t tapered and runs the danger of falling into the canteen. You would not have to have a picket finish on your stopper, but it surely provides some safety in holding it with the canteen. I made a fancy walnut knob to connect my stopper to the canteen with a leather-based twine. My knob is a gap drilled by horizontally, to tie the lanyard. You can use nearly any form of wooden to your liking and drill a 3/8-inch gap for affixing a piece of wooden dowel rod. Glue the dowel rod into the knob. Drill a 3/8-inch gap into your tapered cork however don’t go all over. Leave about 1⁄Four inch within the base. Measure the cork gap depth, lower the dowel to the size and glue the cork to the dowel. You could have to regulate the canteen spout gap to accommodate the cork depth of match. I purchased a package deal (4ea) of tapered corks at Hobby Lobby, and lower about 1/8″ from the large finish so the meeting would look higher within the spout. Use a piece of leather-based lacing to safe the stopper to the spout.

Cork stopper with walnut wooden deal with

Assembling the Canteen

NOTE: If you propose to hold water in your canteen, that’s its function, chances are you’ll wish to do some waterproofing. After all, that is a copy, not a “barrel-pressed” hoop-staved container. If waterproofing is needed, see the part beneath.

Use a board to align you staves in opposition to. Roll out blue painters’ tape, and place the surface of the stave onto the blue tape. When all of the staves are in place, apply glue to the stave mitered joints and to the channels. Place the highest and backside panels close to the middle of the row of staves. You can then roll the painters tape stave “chain” up and across the prime/backside panels. Secure with tape, bands or straps till the glue is totally set.

Shaping the Mitered Outside Corners

After assembling the canteen and all of the glue is dried fully, you’ll be able to start shaping the 12 sides into a rounder look. If you could have a belt sander and even a powered sander this may be carried out in a short time on comfortable woods similar to pine. If you would not have powered gear, a wooden block and recent sandpaper may also work. You in all probability will do finer particulars with a sanding block as effectively. Do not neglect to sand the tip grain of the staves easy. Begin with the 120- grit sand paper and progress to 220-grit, and finer grits if desired. Judge by eye and contact for roundness, and sand down the bumps and ridges which might be observed.

Waterproofing your Creation

You could have a better time making use of the new paraffin to the within for waterproofing after the canteen is assembled and sanded to the spherical cylindrical form. It is my concept, that any polyurethane, epoxy, paint or different coating could not bond completely, or peel off the wooden when in lengthy/steady contact with a liquid, so I used melted paraffin. Beeswax is also used as a substitute but it surely imparts a little bit of taste to the contents. If you’re ingesting mead, this can be fascinating. Keep in thoughts that alcoholic drinks also can injury some wooden finishes. Brewers pitch can also be used, however is difficult to seek out, costly, and messy to work with.

Fortunately, I’ve an previous Crock-Pot that I’ve used on different initiatives needing melted wax. If you don’t have a Crock-Pot, use a double boiler to soften the wax evenly. Both paraffin and beeswax have low melting factors and are additionally flammable and the double boiler method will mitigate the danger of a flare up, and soften the wax evenly. A double boiler might be a regular family cooking pot with boiling water, and a scrap tin/steel can to carry the wax. Use a funnel within the canteen spout of the canteen to pour the melted wax inside. When utilized or poured, the wax will stay liquid a bit, however don’t wait too lengthy. You are solely wanting a coating on the edges. Insert the stopper, and roll the canteen about to evenly coat the insides, and pour out the remaining melted wax, again into the steel can. It doesn’t take lengthy, because the wax will start to solidify as quickly because it touches the surfaces inside. I like to recommend ending the surface fully earlier than coating the within, so if you happen to occur to spill a little bit of paraffin on the surface, your stain/end will nonetheless adhere correctly.

Sanitation and Hygiene as Applied to Canteens

The use of polluted water is a issue harmful to well being and accounts for the prevalence of illness in localities the place different sanitary circumstances are past reproach. It is the a part of knowledge to take away the hazard of attainable contamination by way of a canteen which might be fully emptied, drained and even sterilized.

There can could also be sufficient locations for germs and micro-organisms to make using the canteen. Recommend sanitary circumstances be noticed to sterilize your canteen in a approach as to not injury the wooden or soften the internal paraffin coating with extreme warmth.

Do not retailer the canteen with water inside. Empty and air dry when not in use.

Applying the Outside Wood Finish

There are a large number of methods to complete the surface of your canteen. Depending upon how effectively the plywood prime/backside items match the wooden staves, this may very well be a design enhancement or detractor. If you utilize comfortable pine wooden for the staves, the colour variation of the staves in comparison with the highest/backside panels may detract from your design. Linseed Oil is used on instrument handles similar to axes, adze, shovels ect. For a cause. It permits inspection of the wooden for splitting, the place such defects my not be detectable underneath a coat of paint. Linseed Oil is cheap and makes a long-lasting end. It imparts a comfortable yellow hue to the wooden, and might be utilized with a folded material. If you need a darker colour to assist in colour matching the wooden, it is best to stain the wooden first, previous to making use of the Linseed Oil or your chosen closing end. Some polyurethane finishes embrace stain in a vary of colour decisions, which would offer a sturdy end as effectively.

Methods of Carrying a Military Canteen – from The History of the Military Canteen

Attaching Hoop and Strap Guides Ornamentation

We know we’re not blacksmithing hoops for our vessel, and a copy high quality or answer is required. As proven beneath, the “hoops” may very well be common from 1⁄2-inch metal strapping typically used for transport heavy crates. Measured and lower to size it might make a beautiful alternative for hoops. Steel strapping is accessible at Amazon and different retailers, however quick lengths are fairly costly. Most retailers and transporters use plastic/nylon strapping, the metal strapping is difficult to seek out by dumpster diving. Nevertheless, chances are you’ll discover a enterprise or buddy who has entry to some.

1874 Model of US Army Canteen, From History of the Military Canteen (Nov- 1900)

Period canteens have been additionally “hooped” with wooden and leather-based reinforcement. Or, chances are you’ll discover a appropriate banding materials that may very well be hooked up to your canteen, that may very well be painted to look as steel or maybe lined with a metalized tape. In the title image I used ½” large leather-based banding/strips secured with spherical head upholstery tacks.  You will want ½ or 7/16 size tacks, in order to not fully pierce the staves. You should see what is accessible to you and what works for your Uniform Kit.

The strap guides may very well be of steel, or leather-based affixed to every facet. The L&C diagrams present the blacksmith/cast information piece as fitted underneath the hoops and bent to be held in place. I’m certain there are a lot of variations. For our functions, tacks can be utilized to connect the guides to the canteen. Just be sure the tack is not going to cut up the wooden or pierce the canteen staves creating a leak.

Attaching Carrying Strap

I purchased 2-inch-wide Thick Heavy Cotton Webbing on Amazon. You may simply make a strap from white material of the identical width, or leather-based. Mimic the strap you utilize on your haversack and it’ll create are extra balanced look for your uniform.

I additionally discovered a 2-inch-wide brass slide buckle at Hobby Lobby that’s affixed to the strap as an adjuster. The strap is positioned underneath the spherical backside fringe of the canteen, with the strap threaded by the guides on all sides. If utilizing a strap with out a buckle or adjuster, you’ll be able to safe the ends of the strap underneath the guides (left or proper) with quick tacks.


Most of you in all probability are acquainted with woodworking and solely wanted the diagram tables for making your personal canteen for your Uniform Kit. This may present you steerage and concepts for dressing up or constructing your Canteen Kit, if you wish to purchase one. I’ve loved my analysis, and realized a bit. But I take pleasure in engaged on crafts in wooden and plan to supply different interval gadgets sooner or later.

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