Recently our  class at college (Building Classic Furniture) selected Windsor chairs as the following challenge. I already had a number of SketchUp designs of Windsor chairs, however wanted a method to present various facet chair designs for pupil choice. I used to be going through a mixture of pupil expertise. For instance, some college students are very expert in lathe turning, others had little expertise in turning. Many of the choices apply bamboo style turnings as this type is far simpler for starting lathe turners.

Therefore, I regarded for a method to present chair alternatives together with a stage of building issue. Of course SketchUp and Layout had been my chosen instruments to create this doc.


Here is the two-page doc. The first web page is in perspective. The second web page is orthographic with a Front, Top, and Side view.

Here’s the process I used in producing these two pages.

  1. I copied the chair assemblies from their respective SketchUp information, and positioned them into a brand new SketchUp file.
  2. I lined up the six assemblies alongside the Red Axis and created one Scene in perspective with shadows.
  3. I then made a Front Orthographic Scene of this similar set of assemblies with out shadows.
  4. A brand new Orthographic Scene of those similar assemblies was made in a high view.
  5. I copied the six assemblies and moved them down the purple axis. Then I rotated every one 90° to have a Side view.

This resulted in a SketchUp file with 4 Scenes. I clicked on the File/Send to Layout operate.

  1. In Layout I positioned the attitude Scene on Page 1. Then added the labeling.
  2. In Layout I created a second web page and added the three Orthographic Scenes. And once more I added Lines and Labels.

Here is a few of that work in the store.



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