A Forstner Bit can drill holes different bits solely dream about.

Forstner-style bits can go the place no different drill bits dare. The cause is straightforward: A Forstner bit is rim-guided whereas different bits are center-point guided. That means you should utilize all or solely a part of the bit’s diameter to drill overlapped, angled or partial holes. Forstner bits additionally shine in the case of drilling clear, exact 90° holes and large-diameter holes. Carbide-tipped Forstner-style bits excel at drilling the exact, flat-bottomed holes required for European-style hinges. Plus, not like different drill bits, the rim-guided Forster bit can drill into finish grain with out deflection.

Forstner bits do have their downside and usually are not an alternative choice to your on a regular basis twist- or brad-point bits. For one factor, they’re costlier: A 1/4 Forstner bits prices between $Three and $23. They’re additionally designed primarily to be used in a drill press, though Forstner bits which can be 1 or smaller can be utilized in a hand drill if the bit’s heart level is firmly engaged. Forstners additionally require a really sluggish rpm charge and thus are sluggish chopping. Finally, they’re very troublesome to sharpen.

Once you perceive when to make use of a Forstner bit, you too will know why they’re a should to your store. Use these ten tricks to be taught simply that.

1. Obey the Speed Limit

Adjust the velocity of your drill press to match as carefully as doable, however not exceed, your Forstner bit’s beneficial velocity. Most Forstners have totally different velocity scores for hardwoods and softwoods.

2. Keep ‘Em Safe

A clear, sharp rim is crucial to a Forstner bit’s efficiency. Rolling free in a drawer will injury the bits’ delicate rims. A easy wooden block with holes drilled for the bit shanks does the trick.

3. Drill Angled Holes by Hand

Press Down

Then tip

You could make angled holes utilizing a Forstner bit in a hand drill. The trick is to start out at 90° till the rim and the middle level are engaged, after which tip the bit whereas retaining it spinning. This works greatest with knife- or wavy-edge bits which can be lower than 1 diameter.

4. Hog Out a Mortise

Overlapped holes

Forstner bits can reduce overlapping holes. This is an particularly helpful approach for hogging out nearly all of materials in a mortise. It retains the chisel work and elbow grease to a minimal.

5. Pocket Screws Without a Jig

Pocket screw gap

Drilling angled pocket screw holes is a snap with a Forstner bit and a drill press. Shallow pocket screw holes like this are sometimes used to lock a desk’s prime to its apron.

6. Big, Clean, Precise Holes

Forstners can’t be beat for drilling exact, large-diameter holes as much as 4. They are a favourite of clock makers. But be warned. These larger-diameter bits are costly—greater than $150 for a 4 mannequin. If you’re solely drilling the occasional giant gap, you’re in all probability higher off with a fly cutter or a gap noticed.

7. Drilling on the Edge

Partial holes on a board’s edge are required for figure-eight-style fasteners used to connect a tabletop to an apron. A Forstner is the one drill bit that may drill this fashion of gap. It’s the right alternative for this job.

8. No Tear-out Drilling

Forstner bits excel at drilling clear, exact holes for wooden plugs. Because the rim scores the wooden fibers forward of the cutters, the Forstner bit nearly eliminates tear-out.

9. Best Bit for a Cup Hinge

Carbide- Tipped forstner

Cup hinge

Carbide-tipped Forstners are the selection for drilling European-style hinge-mounting holes. They can drill into melamine or MDF all day lengthy and keep sharp.

10. Forstner Bit to the Rescue

Every drill your pilot gap earlier than your counterbore gap? I’ve. A Forstner bit got here to my rescue! Drilling a bigger gap over a smaller gap can solely be carried out with a Forstner bit.

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