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Question 1:

From Jon:
I only in the near past discovered the podcast and have been working my method by means of (and totally having fun with) the again catalog. Loads of it goes over my head as I’m nonetheless very a lot a newbie however I really feel like I’m studying a lot for all of you. I’ve sought out the various episodes discussing what desk noticed is correct for a newbie and if a job website noticed is value it or not and the the identical for getting an outdated contractor noticed with a horrible fence that requires hitting it with a hammer. Though, I discovered that one about three weeks too late. Which leaves me in my present predicament and with my questions for you. In 2020 I purchased a Dewalt Jobsite noticed. I haven’t used it a lot as a result of it’s so unhealthy and so inaccurate I may by no means get may sq. or straight cuts. I lastly constructed a an outfield desk and modified the fence to be longer. It was a little higher however not a lot. About a month in the past I purchased an outdated Delta contractor noticed. It appeared nice however the fence positively required a mallet and a lot extra persistence than I’ve. I nearly purchased a Vega fence however I couldn’t deliver myself to spend extra on the fence than the noticed. I purchased the Kreg precision band noticed fence and used a 4’ piece of extruded aluminum. It works fairly nicely however has some deflections and I’m not getting a clear minimize. I’m going to strive including some assist within the type of some mdf and see if that offers it sufficient stability. Anyway, lengthy story too lengthy, am I higher off coping with what I’ve or shopping for a hybrid Grizzly or Laguna F1. Ultimately I would like a noticed cease however I really feel like I ought to get both the contractor or skilled within the 36” proper minimize. I can’t determined whether it is value ready till I can afford a good noticed with a actually good fence as my frustrations have been with accuracy or simply settling and getting the grizzly, Laguna or a sawstop with a lesser fence. I additionally purchased myself a Makita Track noticed and have thought of attempting to arrange an MFT desk high however that looks as if it would find yourself being as costly as anything. Sorry for the lengthy winded query. I simply all the time favor an excessive amount of info to too little. Thanks sustain the nice work and nice content material. Can’t wait to see what you do within the new store. 

Question 2: 

From Chris:
I’ve formally run out of ground area in my store. I simply purchased a scroll noticed on Craigslist, and I’ve nowhere to retailer it. I’m serious about making a cupboard fashion base out of plywood for my band noticed, and placing a shelf in there to retailer the scroll noticed when not in use.

My bandsaw is the usual Grizzly “Ultimate 14″ bandsaw” and has the included base, modeled off the outdated Deltas. It is loopy heavy, and I’m questioning if there may be a development methodology with a comparatively small footprint that would assist the burden. Would vibration be worse on a plywood field than the present steel stand? I’d nonetheless like the entire thing to be cell, and I’d be positive shopping for good casters or a completely different cell base to make it work.


Barry- Bowed caul

Anissa – spacers for all of the issues!

Ben – All-time favourite instrument – The Veritas pocket airplane

Question 3:

From Jake:
I do know Anissa has spoken on an outdated episode about seeing woodworking parallels in non-woodworking actual world eventualities. you guys requested to share any if we had some so i although id share that i simply needed to clarify to my spouse that the rows left from the garden mower alternate gentle and darkish (primarily based on which method i pushed) due to the chatoyance of the grass, and that i’ve to chop the rows parallel to the road in any other case if it was perpendicular to the road youd see the “end grain” when wanting from the road, and nobody desires to see endgrain…these made excellent sense in my head however when i mentioned them out loud i sounded loopy. 

Here’s a query, i discover that i spend months and months on a piece of what i wish to assume is okay furnishings, however then throw some crappy stick on footpads on the underside so the piece doesn’t scratch the ground. finest case situation i get the plastic ones with a spike within the center to go within the endgrain backside of the leg of the piece. is there a “finer” model that i dont find out about? possibly folks make them our of what? i assume what I’m asking is what do you guys, or the positive furnishings makers yore, placed on the underside of furnishings to stop scuffing?

Question 4:

From Bob:
I’ve one other planing query.  I’m planning on constructing a higher work bench than I now have.  I wish to laminate the highest. Most directions direct using a jointer and participant which I don’t have.  They often say to attach it up in sections, flatten the sections, then glue the sections collectively.  Since I’ll be hand planing the highest, is there any profit to doing it in sections relatively than gluing all of it up and planing the entire high without delay?

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