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Add this versatile materials to your store repertoire.

Plastics are wonderful supplies. Their light-weight grain-less construction provides them uniform energy in all instructions making it a really perfect materials for all types of components and tasks. Available in clear, translucent and opaque plastics add a entire new stage to your workshop’s repertoire.

While there are dozens of various sorts of plastics, I like to recommend you attempt acrylic and polyethylene. 

Acrylic plastic is manufactured in both a solid or an extruded kind. Both supply good machinability, impression energy and tensile energy. Extruded Acrylic is obtainable in lots of thicknesses, principally lower than 3/8 and in clear or a fantastic assortment of translucent colours. Cast acrylic is usually clear and obtainable in a lot thicker dimensions, as much as 4. Cast acrylic plastic is harder and tougher than extruded acrylic whereas extruded acrylic affords extra flexibility and formability.

Woodworkers are already acquainted with UHMW polyethylene as it’s generally used for desk noticed and router fence faces and for varied jigs. This kind of plastic has excellent machinability, glorious impression resistance, good tensile energy. It’s additionally tremendous slippery and put on resistant. HDPE polyethylene is sort of as sturdy as UHMW, is available in a number of colours and has the bonus of being outside rated.

Plastics are grouped as both exhausting or gentle. Cast acrylic is a exhausting plastic, extruded acrylic, UHWW polyethylene and HDPE polyethylene are gentle plastics.

So, let’s speak about how you can work with gentle and exhausting plastics. When machining plastics our aim is an environment friendly reducing operation with no welding of chips (the most important drawback reducing plastics) and a very good floor end. This requires a few issues: the proper kind of bit, the proper dimension of bit, the proper mixture of feed and pace and good work holding. 

1/4″ bits appear to work finest for plastic, although an 1/8″ is typically wanted for tight conditions.

The Bits

Soft plastic works finest utilizing a single flute “O” type bit. Use 1/4 bit whenever you’ll be able to and a 1/8 for tight conditions. Larger bits merely work higher. 

Carving a gentle plastic to make gears. A single flute bit works finest

For exhausting plastics, select a two flute “O” type bit. The two flutes will produce a superior edge end. Once once more, attempt to use a bigger bit.

Harder acrylic is less complicated to machine with a two-flute bit

In each circumstances use a spiral bit for work on thick supplies to elevate out the chips and clear the lower. A straight bit is finest for skinny supplies as a result of it received’t have a tendency to tug the fabric off the spoil board inflicting chatter and a poor edge end. 

Carving a aid in exhausting plastic begins with a surfacing move to determine a completely flat carving space.

Next, the roughing move is completed with a 1/4″ bit, and also you begin to see the define of the aid.

Carving work requires two bits, one for the roughing move and a second for the ending move. A 1/4 two flute spiral “O” type bit will deal with the roughing move. A good selection for the ending move is a tapered spiral ball-nosed bit. I believe 1/16 diameter is a versatile dimension that offers good element. A tapered bit for plastic could have two flutes, no extra. (My finest recommendation for plastic carving is to carve exhausting plastics which have greater melting factors reminiscent of solid acrylic and steer clear of gentle plastics!)

The ending move is completed with a smaller 1/16″ tapered ball nostril bit. This move takes for much longer than the roughing move

The last product after the ending move and a little sprucing.

Chip Load, Feed and Speed and Depth of Cut

Bit choice is vital, however the flawed chip load can spoil the lower. Plastic is delicate to warmth and routing generates a lot of it. Maximizing the dimensions of the chip (chip load) transfers the warmth into the chip and away from the workpiece. The proper chip load will assist cut back knife marks and tough, cratered surfaces.

For plastics the best chip load falls between .004 and .012. Faster feed charges assist cut back the warmth of friction, nonetheless, small components, carving and passion sized machines will restrict the feed fee. Here are some combos to check:

When reducing plastics in your CNC router enhance the feed fee first then attempt slowing the rpm to acquire a good lower. Remember formulation are a place to begin—outcomes would be the last information.

QUICK TIP: If you might be having issues with melting on small components, take into account placing the plastic within the freezer for an hour or extra.

The final parameter of bit arrange is the depth of lower. Generally, 1/2 the bit diameter is a good place to begin.


For the bit to function, clear the chips whereas producing a superb edge, the work have to be safe. For thick sheets of plastic this isn’t a drawback. Screws and varied maintain downs will work wonderful. Thin supplies usually require a mixture of strategies. One resolution is to make use of double sided tape mixed with maintain downs or screws. Just don’t depend on tape alone. With plastic that comes with a protecting coating spray adhesive is a useful possibility. 

QUICK TIP: When utilizing tape or spray adhesive with very skinny supplies, it may be a problem to not harm the half when eradicating them. Consider adhering the half to a small, sacrificial board. This may be eliminated simply the place you need to use a solvent to melt the tape’s spray adhesive’s bond.

Experience is the most effective trainer to get the texture of reducing and carving plastics. As you acquire confidence, you’ll discover a entire new world to discover.

Product Recommendations

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