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It’s simply as snug because it seems to be.

Editor’s word: This article initially appeared within the May 2008 challenge of American Woodworker 

There it was–an Adirondack loveseat–sitting proper on the deck of the Tin Fish, a restaurant overlooking Lake Calhoun within the coronary heart of Minneapolis, my hometown. I’d been pondering of constructing one for years, however I’d by no means discovered one I preferred–till now.

I requested the proprietor, Sheff Priest, the place he bought it. “Oh, that’s something my Dad made for us–he’s quite a woodworker,” Sheff stated. “It’s been used constantly for three seasons now.” Jack Priest-that’s Sheff’s dad–had actually finished his homework, and constructed a loveseat that was each snug and sturdy.

Jack has kindly given us permission to publish the plans for his undertaking. I’ve modified the arms and their helps a bit, in addition to the again’s profile, however that’s what Adirondacks are all about. Once you’ve bought the essential construction down, you may personalize it any manner you need.


This undertaking is constructed from Western purple cedar, dimensional lumber generally obtainable at dwelling facilities and lumberyards for exterior initiatives. You’ll want two 2×6 boards, 8-ft. lengthy, and 9 items of 5/Four lumber (1-in. thick), 6-in. huge and 12-ft. lengthy. Dust from chopping Western purple cedar may be hazardous to your well being, so put on an acceptable mud masks and work in a wellventilated store or open air. Use deck screws that received’t rust to assemble the undertaking. You’ll want a field of 1-3/4-in. lengthy screws and a field of 1-1/4-in. lengthy screws. You’ll additionally want some cedar screw-plugs (see Sources). You’ll want a tablesaw, bandsaw (or jigsaw), router desk, cordless drill and a rasp to construct the loveseat. A miter noticed can also be useful.


The loveseat sits on three again legs: two on the edges (A1, Fig. A) and one within the heart (A2). They’re nearly similar, apart from one essential element: the notch for the decrease again rail (A3). It’s positioned farther again on the middle leg than on the outer legs (Fig. B). To make sure that all of the legs come out the identical, make one paper sample for all three. Trace across the sample on three leg blanks reduce to the identical size, omitting the notches. Then draw the notches straight on the legs. In addition, set your miter noticed to 18 levels and reduce a miter on a scrap piece of 1×6. Use this piece to attract the angled traces that point out the placement of the entrance legs. Draw them on either side of every outer leg (Fig. A, Detail 1).

1. Begin constructing the loveseat by sawing out the again legs from a Western Red Cedar 2×6. You’ll get essentially the most correct cuts through the use of a bandsaw, however you possibly can use a jigsaw, as a substitute.

Saw the legs (Photo 1). Smooth the noticed cuts with a rasp or coarse sandpaper wrapped round a block.


2. Joinery is straightforward: simply screws and glue. You’ll cowl each screw gap with a plug afterward. As you construct the loveseat, drill holes for the plugs and screws concurrently with a mixture bit.

Make the seat slats (A3). Discard items with giant knots—they’ll weaken the slats. Drill holes for screws and plugs within the ends and center of all of the slats (Photo 2). Make the plug holes about 1/4-in. deep. If you employ two bits to make these stepped holes, drill the bigger ones first. Round the highest edges of the slats utilizing a 1/4-in. roundover bit and a router desk.

3. Assemble the seat. Fasten the primary 4 seat slats, that are produced from 5/Four boards. Check for sq. as you go. Temporarily add a slat to area the legs the proper distance.

Clear a big, flat work space and prepare the again legs. Line up their entrance edges. Temporarily fasten one of many rear slats to the center of every leg. Glue and screw the primary 4 slats (Photo 3).

About This Loveseat

This Adirondack two-seater was primarily designed by Minnesota woodworker Jack Priest. He constructed it as a middle piece for the deck exterior his son’s restaurant, The Tin Fish, overlooking LakeCalhoun, in Minneapolis. We’ve modified the arms and their helps a bit, in addition to the again’s profile, however that’s whatAdirondacks are all about. Once you’ve bought the essential construction down, you may personalize it any manner you need.


4. Screw and glue collectively the entrance legs. Use a waterproof glue to assemble all of the elements of the undertaking.

Make the 2 items that comprise every entrance leg (B1 and B2) from one lengthy clean. Rip the clean utilizing the tablesaw to take away its rounded edges. This makes a better-looking joint whenever you glue the items collectively. Cut one finish of the clean at 18-degrees, then reduce the interior leg to precise size (Fig. C). Cut the outer leg to size, then glue and screw collectively the leg items (Photo 4).

5. Glue and screw the entrance legs to the seat meeting. Then add the remainder of the seat slats and the decrease again rail. Assembly is way simpler in the event you work on a big, flat floor, equivalent to a door.

Apply glue to the entrance legs and clamp them to the again legs. Use the traces you drew in Step 1 to place the entrance legs. Drill holes within the entrance legs for screws and plugs, then run within the screws (Photo 5).


Make the again seat slat (A4, Fig. D) and decrease again rail (A5, Fig. E). Note that the within curve on every finish of the decrease again rail consists of three flat sections, to obtain three again slats. The straighter these sections are, the stronger your joints will probably be. After sawing, use a rasp to straighten these cuts, if vital. Use a rasp to flatten the middle straight part, too. Drill holes for screws and plugs within the again seat slat and decrease again rail, then spherical over the sides of each elements with a router bit. Don’t spherical over the interior fringe of the decrease again rail, the place the again slats go.

Remove the seat slat you briefly screwed to the again legs. Glue and screw the decrease again rail in place. Screw the again seat slat subsequent to it, however don’t glue it. Add the remainder of the seat slats. Space them about 1/4-in. aside. Temporarily clamping some slats in place could make it simpler to area them.

Remove the again seat slat.


6. Glue the arms collectively from two items of 5/Four materials. To make a good, invisible joint, first take away the rounded edges of this development lumber by ripping the boards on the tablesaw.

Rip two items of 1×6 for every arm (C1) and glue them collectively (Photo 6). Cut every clean to size, then noticed out the curves (Fig. F). Sand the glue joint flat, then spherical over either side of the arm with a router bit. Don’t around the curved part the place the arm overlays the again rail. 11. Make the higher again rail (C2). This piece has three straight sections on both facet (Fig. G), just like the decrease again rail. Trace the curves of the arm items on the ends of the rail. Cut out the rail utilizing a bandsaw, with the desk set at 90 levels, and straighten the flat sections with a rasp. Rout a 30-degree bevel on the within fringe of the rail (Photo 7). Note that the bevel doesn’t lengthen to the straight part that sits within the notch on the again legs–simply on the half you bandsawed out. Alternatively, you possibly can tilt your bandsaw’s desk to 30 levels and skip the routing, however you’ll have extra cleanup work to do.

7. Rout a 30- diploma bevel on the higher again rail utilizing a router desk. The loveseat’s again slats lean in opposition to this piece; with an precisely made bevel, you’ll get tight, robust joints.

Glue and screw the arms to the higher again rail. Note that the within edge of every arm is sq. to the again rail (Fig. A, Detail 3), and that the screws go from beneath the again rail and into the arms.

8. Add the arm and higher again rail meeting. Stand it on two helps and regulate its place till the bevel you routed is in step with the decrease again rail. Check this with a straightedge.

Cut two short-term assist items (C3) to carry the arm meeting. Prop the meeting on these items and the entrance legs (Photo 8). Once the meeting is appropriately positioned front-to-back and side-to-side (Fig. A, Detail 1), clamp it to the entrance legs, so it will possibly’t shift.


9. Taper the again slats utilizing a jig to your tablesaw. Mount toggle clamps on the jig to maintain your fingers away from the blade.

Make a set of again slats (D1 and D2). You can rough-cut two slats from one size of 1×6. Build a tapering jig and reduce the tough facet of every slat utilizing the tablesaw (Photo 9 and Fig. H). The precise angles on the slat’s ends will not be essential.

10. Spacing the loveseat’s again slats requires cautious measuring and marking. Begin by briefly putting in the 4 slats that outline the 2 halves of the again.

Drill screw-and-plug holes within the decrease ends of the outer slats. Mark the positions of those slats on the decrease again rail (Fig. A, Detail 2). Clamp the slats in place (the highest ends of the centermost slats contact one another) and mark areas for the screws that can go into the higher again rail. Remove the slats, drill the screw-and-plug holes, then connect–however don’t glue–the slats in place (Photo 10).

11. Fasten the center slats subsequent. Then set up two slats between the center and outer slats. Adjust these slats up or right down to make the spacing even.

Install one of many interior again slats halfway between the outer again slats. It ought to be vertical. Fit the remaining slats (Photo 11). Make the hole between them about 1/4-in. After these slats are fitted, mark their screw-and-plug holes and reduce off any extra size on the backside. Then set up the slats with screws. Repeat this course of on the opposite facet of the again.


12. Draw a curve throughout the again utilizing a shopmade trammel. That’s only a stick to a nail at one finish and a pencil caught in a gap on the opposite finish. Remove the slats and reduce the curve on every bit.

Make a trammel and discover the centerpoint of every set of again slats (Fig. J). Turn the trammel round and draw every curve (Photo 12).

Mark the place of every slat and take away them. Saw their prime ends and spherical over all their edges. Glue and screw the slats to the again rails. Cut a bit of paper to suit the hole between the 2 again sections. then Fold the paper in half and use it as a sample to make two items (D3) to fill the hole. Install these items.


13. Rout grooves on the ends and interior edges of the corbels, the wing-shaped items that assist the loveseat’s broad arms. These grooves disguise metallic brackets below the arms.

Connect the legs and arms with nook braces (Fig. A). Use #10 or #12 pan head screws to put in them.

14. Fasten the corbels to the legs with glue and screws. The bracket lets you safely elevate the loveseat by its arms.

Cut two corbel blanks (D4). Rout stopped grooves on the within edge of every clean to accommodate the nook brace and screw heads (Photo 13). Saw the corbel’s form (Fig. Ok) and spherical over its exterior edges. Drill screw-and-plug holes by the entrance legs and screw and glue the corbels to the entrance legs (Photo 14). Make certain every corbel’s prime matches tight below the arm.


15. Once each half is in place, glue plugs in every screw gap. Cut the surplus with a flush-cutting noticed.

Glue cedar plugs in all of the screw holes. Cut and sand them flush (Photo 15).

Apply two coats of exterior oil end. It’s greatest to do that exterior, for good air flow. Sit and revel in!


Hamilton Marine, www.hamiltonmarine.com, (800) 639-2715, 3/8” Dia. Bung Cedar (plugs), #FSW-05-C, $10 per 100.

Rockler, rockler.com, (800) 279-4441, 30-degree Chamfer router bit, #24805, $34.

Adirondack Loveseat Cut List

Overall Dimensions: 58″ W x 37″ D x 34-1/2″ H

Part Name Qty. Material Dimensions


A1 Outer again leg 2 2×6 1-1/2″ x 5-1/2″ x 31-3/8″

A2 Center again leg 1 2×6 1-1/2″ x 5-1/2″ x 31-3/8″

A3 Seat slat 10 5/Four 1″ x 1-1/2″ x 47″

A4 Back seat slat 1 5/Four 1″ x 3-3/4″ x 47″

A5 Lower again rail 1 5/Four 1″ x 5-1/2″ x 47″

Front legs

B1 Outer leg 2 2×6 1-1/2″ x 5″ x 19-1/2″ (a)

B2 Inner leg 2 2×6 1-1/2″ x 5″ x 7-5/8″

B3 Corbel 2 5/Four 1″ x 2-1/2″ x 15″


C1 Arm 2 5/Four 1″ x 8″ x 32-3/8″ (b)

C2 Upper again rail 1 5/Four 1″ x 5-1/2″ x 53″

C3 Assembly assist 1 5/Four 1-1/2″ x 5-1/2″ x 18-1/2″


D1 Outer again slat Four 5/Four 1″ x 3″ x 28″ (c)

D2 Inner again slat 10 5/Four 1″ x 3-1/4″ x 32″ (d)

D3 Center slat 2 5/Four 1″ x 3-1/2″ x 25″

(a) Cut B1 and B2 from 30″ lengthy clean

(b) Glue up from two items, 5″ and three″ huge.

(c) Cut two items from one 5-1/2″ x 30″ clean.

(d) Cut two items from one 5-1/2″ x 35″ clean.















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