See how one can embellish Easter eggs in lovely and distinctive designs with these 7 completely different strategies. These coloured eggs are simple for youths and adults alike to create!

decorated easter eggs

Why we love this mission

Decorating Easter eggs is a enjoyable custom for a lot of, and it’s not only for youngsters! We’ve experimented with numerous completely different coloring strategies over time, so right now we’re compiling a few of our favorites into a listing of 7 cool methods to embellish Easter eggs.

Have toddlers who would really like to take part on the enjoyable? See our 10 Tips for Decorating Easter Eggs with Toddlers. You additionally received’t need to miss out on my tutorial for the way to make fairly Cracked Colored Eggs!

decorated easter eggs in an egg carton

Helpful Project Information:

  • Age Level: 6 and up
  • Mess Factor: Medium
  • Level of Difficulty: Easy
  • Time to Complete: Less than 30 minutes
  • Cost Estimate: Less than $5.00

How to Make Marbled Eggs

What you will have

  • vegetable oil
  • white vinegar
  • food coloring
  • mugs (one for every coloration)
  • spoons (one for every coloration)
  1. Place one tablespoon of oil and one tablespoon of vinegar into every mug. Add a special coloration of meals coloring to every mug. Fill to 3/Four full with water and stir each. Each mug ought to have its personal spoon.
  2. Hold your boiled egg in a single hand and stir the liquid within the mug with the spoon utilizing your different hand. Stir it a number of occasions to create a whirlpool impact. Immediately take away the spoon, place egg on spoon and decrease egg into swirling water.swirling vinegar, food coloring, and water in a mug with a spoonPlacing egg on a spoon into water and food coloring mix
  3. Count to 5 or 6 and take away the egg.
  4. Place it on a paper towel, however don’t pat it dry. Let every coloration relaxation for a number of minutes, the colour might get a bit darker as they relaxation. Repeat the above for a second coloration on every, or depart as single colours. Again, allow them to relaxation for a number of minutes. When you’re proud of the outcomes, gently wipe the eggs off with paper towel.

How to Make Speckled Eggs

What you will have

  • white vinegar
  • meals coloring
  • mugs (one for every coloration)
  • spoons (one for every coloration)
  • brown craft paint
  • water
  • outdated toothbrush
  • newspaper
  1. Add a teaspoon of white vinegar to every mug. Add meals coloring and fill mugs with water to 3/Four full. Stir and dye eggs. The longer you allow them in, the deeper the colour of eggs you’ll get. If you’d like a pastel coloration, take them out sooner.
  2. Mix collectively a teaspoon of brown acrylic craft paint and Four or 5 drops of water. Lay newspaper down on the work floor and ensure all of the eggs are dry. Practice the flicking methodology a couple of occasions on the newspaper first earlier than making an attempt on the egg. using a toothbrush to flick paint onto colored eggs
  3. First, get the toothbrush moist, flick off extra water by working your finger throughout the bristles. Dip the bristles into the thinned brown paint. Holding the toothbrush with the bristles pointing downward, run your finger throughout the bristles. This will flick the paint onto the newspaper. using a toothbrush to flick paint onto colored eggs
  4. When you’re snug with the tactic, flick the paint onto the eggs. Let either side dry earlier than turning over and doing the opposite aspect.

How to Make Drip Eggs

What you will have

  • meals coloring
  • egg holder
  • spray bottle of water
  1. Place egg into an egg cup (or different holder that can maintain to egg upright). Use the spray bottle to mist the highest of the egg.
  2. Squeeze a drop of meals coloring onto the highest of the egg.dripping food coloring onto boiled egg
  3. Hold water bottle at a distance and mist the highest once more.spraying tops of eggs with water
  4. Add extra colours.
  5. Mist or blow on the egg to create the specified impact.

How to Make Rubber Band Eggs

What you will have

  • white vinegar
  • meals coloring
  • mugs (one for every coloration)
  • spoons (one for every coloration)
  • rubber bands
  1. Wrap boiled egg with a number of rubber bands.egg wrapped in rubber bands in kids hand
  2. Dye egg in regular style (as described in speckled eggs however with no matter coloration depth you want). Let the primary coloration dry, then take away one of many rubber bands and dye in one other coloration.dipping egg into food coloring

How to Make Stenciled Eggs

What you will have

  • white vinegar
  • meals coloring
  • mugs one for every coloration
  • spoons one for every coloration
  • stickers or painters tape
  1. Place small stickers on the boiled egg, or use ornamental scissors to lower items of painter’s tape and embellish the egg. paint on eggs cut into shapes used as a sticker
  2. Be certain that every one areas are caught to the egg then dye as normal (as described in speckled eggs however with no matter coloration depth to like). Let dry utterly earlier than eradicating stickers or tape.hand holding a boiled egg with painters tape on it

How to Make Colorful Chinese Tea Eggs

What you will have

  • meals coloring
  • mugs (one for every coloration)

This methodology originates from soaking boiled eggs with cracked shells in a pot of boiling tea baggage. To create a colourful model of this you should use meals coloring and water. Some strategies describe utilizing paste/gel meals coloring and boiling water. These strategies additionally advocate leaving the eggs within the water for 7 hours. Since that’s in all probability not protected, it’s higher to use chilly water, liquid meals coloring, and your fridge.

  1. To start, use the again of a spoon to gently faucet throughout the eggshell. You can use your arms to gently squeeze the shell creating extra cracks, simply attempt not to make splits within the shell as this may create giant areas of darkish coloration as an alternative of the specified impact.gently tapping a boiled egg with a spoon
  2. Your mug ought to have one full teaspoon of liquid meals coloring and water to 3/Four full. Don’t add vinegar or you may be pickling your eggs! Place the egg (I used to be in a position to match 2 eggs in my mugs) into the mug and place within the fridge for 3-Four hours, Three hours being the minimal. You can allow them to soak longer, however Three hours appears to be the magical time to obtain a reasonably vibrant coloration. placing cracked boiled egg in water with food coloring
  3. Remove the eggshell and see your lovely creations!

How to Make Tie Dye Eggs

For tie dye Easter eggs, we now have two completely different strategies of making them. Choose whichever fits you finest. Over on my cooking weblog I’ve a complete submit devoted on How To Make Tie Dye Easter Eggs, to say they’re my favourite method to embellish Easter eggs is an understatement.

What You Will Need for Method One:

  • plastic wrap for the counter
  • cheesecloth
  • liquid meals coloring
  • a small spray bottle with water (or a small cup of water)
  • rubber band
  • empty cardboard egg carton to maintain eggs
  1. Layer the counter with plastic wrap. Cut cheesecloth into 6″ lengths.
  2. Get the cheesecloth moist and wring it out.
  3. Place a boiled egg into the middle of the for decorating Easter eggs
  4. Gather the ends of the cheesecloth collectively tightly across the egg and safe with a rubber band.
  5. Hold egg by the rubber-banded finish and add drops of meals coloring to the damp cheesecloth.
  6. Leave some white area, however use no matter colours you coloring on an egg wrapped in cheesecloth
  7. Spray it with water. The much less water you employ the darker the colours, the extra water you employ, the extra muted your colours shall be.
  8. The thought is to permit the water to mix the colours collectively, however not utterly mix them into one massive coloration blob.spraying egg with water bottle
  9. Carefully hug the egg together with your hand and gently squeeze out any extra meals coloring and water.
  10. Place within the cardboard egg carton to dry.
  11. You can let all of the eggs dry in a cardboard egg carton, otherwise you may be like me and velocity up the method utilizing a hairdryer on the cool setting.
  12. Unwrap and experience your amazingness.

What You Will Need for Method Two:

  • plastic wrap for the counter
  • paper towels
  • liquid meals coloring
  • a small spray bottle with water (or a small cup of water)
  • empty cardboard egg carton to maintain eggs
  1. The second methodology is slightly completely different. Take a bit of paper towel, get it moist and wring it the water, you simply need it to be damp. Open it up and place it on the plastic wrap lined counter.
  2. Drip some meals coloring within the heart of the paper towel.
  3. Place egg within the heart of the colours and collect the paper towel across the egg.
  4. Get it moist utilizing a twig bottle.
  5. Squeeze out the surplus and set in a cardboard egg carton to dry.
decorated easter eggs in egg carton

We hope you’ve got enjoyable studying these cool new methods on how to embellish Easter eggs! The prospects are countless.

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decorated easter eggs

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