Rob Johnstone makes a lamp through the use of tinted epoxy panels because the “glass” shades. He makes use of Eye Candy Pigments to tint the epoxy.

Click Here to Download the Accent Lamp Drawings.

Mica powder is constructed from a reflective stone mineral that has a naturally glassy shimmer. When blended into epoxy resins, lacquers, paints, plastics, candles and different DIY crafting tasks, it creates a watch-catching metallic shine. Eye Candy mica pigment powders can be found in a big selection of vibrant colours, all utilizing prime-high quality base supplies. The extremely-effective pearls are 10-60 microns in measurement* (with exceptions; see notice at backside) to higher mix with a huge number of mediums. Their pure sparkle and sense of depth makes them excellent for slab-fashion river tables and different deep pour epoxy tasks.

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