I need to share the three tablesaw blades I exploit most. Over the years I’ve use many kinds of sawblades, searching for the one which does all of it. I’ve discovered that there isn’t a one blade that does all of it, however one comes shut. Combine that one with two others and reducing most supplies with a tablesaw turns into a lot simpler. Keep in thoughts that this checklist relies round a 10-in. blade diameter. If your noticed makes use of a distinct measurement you will need to regulate, however the ideas will stay the identical. 

Behold, feast your eyes upon my three favourite tablesaw blades!

#1 – A superb blade for reducing plywood – 80-tooth HATB

Let’s begin with the least vital. We all reduce plywood at times, a few of us greater than others. Cutting plywood on a standard cupboard noticed is greatest achieved with an 80-tooth HATB (excessive alternate high bevel). This is much like the normal ATB (alternate high bevel), however the angles are steeper. This makes for a extra delicate blade vulnerable to break and dulling, however it makes for very clear cuts in plywood. Also observe that the hook angle needs to be close to zero and even destructive. This creates a extra light exit wound because the blade comes by way of the reduce. 

80-tooth HATB on backside, 24-tooth TCG on high. Notice the destructive hook on the 80-tooth.

Pro tip: For higher outcomes on each the highest and backside of a reduce by way of plywood, make a skim reduce, say 1/32 in. deep, on the underside first. This severs the fibers on the underside gently and helps remove tearout. 

Very steep angles on the 80-tooth HATB.

#2 – Glue-line rip blade – 24-tooth TCG

Next up is a 24-tooth ripping blade. This is a superb blade to have round for these occasions when you have a lot of lumber or thicker lumber to chop alongside its size. Fewer enamel imply much less warmth and deeper gullets for max chip evacuation. This is ideal for ripcuts. For essentially the most half these are available in two grinds, flat-top (FT) or triple-chip grind (TCG). TCG are sometimes referred to as glue line rip blades. Both work nice at their meant use of constructing cuts in wooden with the grain, also called a ripping reduce. Having a flat-top grind in your store could be helpful. The flat-top could be advantageous in sure conditions particularly when reducing joinery. The triple-chip grind will keep sharp somewhat longer, although this can be a very small level until you are ripping miles of lumber. I additionally search for a blade with a steep hook angle. A steeper hook angle reduces the strain required to feed wooden into the blade. 

24-tooth TCG. Notice the enamel alternate between a triple-chip grind and a flat-top.

40-tooth ATB with a extra “normal” angle.


#3 – The previous standby – 40-tooth ATB

The final blade on this checklist, and essentially the most helpful, is a 40-tooth ATB. If I may have just one blade it could be this one. It can rip wooden pretty nicely, particularly if it’s not too thick. It can crosscut nicely sufficient, and in a pinch it would do a reasonably good job with plywood. Though nice at nothing, this blade does most issues nicely sufficient to the place 80% of the time, that is the blade in my noticed. When looking for certainly one of these, search for one with specs proper within the center. Not an excessive amount of hook, and a gentle angle on the ATB. 

Here’s my fav…

#4 – Get groovy – 1/4-in. groover

For somewhat additional credit score, a fourth blade to maintain within the store is a 1/4-in. groover. There are a number of corporations that makes these. I discover them very helpful for operating grooves for drawer bottoms or tongue and groove. I usually use this blade for making Shaker doorways. 

24-tooth 1/4-in. kerf groover. I counsel getting an eight in. diameter if you are going to select one up. This one is 10 in. and it’s numerous blade to be spinning at 100 miles per hour.

As to what model is greatest, I believe there are numerous nice blade producers available on the market and I may write one other total weblog publish concerning the deserves of every firm. I counsel, earlier than investing in a pleasant sawblade or two, take into consideration how you are going to have the blade sharpened. Sawblades are solely helpful if they’re sharp, and having a blade sharpened shouldn’t be an afterthought. You ought to actively give it some thought throughout your buy. Some corporations have nice applications the place you can mail your blades to them, they make repairs, sharpen, and mail it again to you. This is nice, however there shall be some turn-around time, so contemplate how lengthy you can go and not using a blade. Do you need a second blade to be used whereas the opposite is being sharpened? 

Any fairly sized city may have a blade sharpener or two. Typically, these are pretty small outlets and usually are not the best to seek out. You could need to dig somewhat. Most of those companies promote blades, and if you are going to make use of a neighborhood firm I counsel buying the blades they promote. This means, they are going to know precisely how one can efficiently sharpen these blades. If, as a substitute, you herald a blade with a grind they haven’t sharpened earlier than, they might wrestle to get it as sharp because it was when you first took it out of the field. These outlets may have a reasonably fast turn-around, say two to 4 days. As a aspect profit, lots of them can do customized work. I’ve had a number of router bits, shaper cutters, and molding knives made at my native sharpener. I additionally know that my man crush Mike Pekovich, in addition to others, makes use of a tablesaw blade with the enamel floor to 7° to chop dovetails on the tablesaw. This customized grind may simply be achieved by a reliable sharpening firm. 

Thank you for studying, till subsequent time…


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