One room in the home everybody makes use of is the toilet. Read extra under on how DIYer Marci Schneider was in a position to use some fast vinyl moulding to add an immediate facelift to her bathtub.

Decorative moulding on the entrance of a bathtub provides an immediate facelift to an outdated tub and actually improves the general look of a rest room. Read on to see the total tutorial on how to simply add moulding to a bathtub and provides it the makeover it wants!

How to Add Decorative Moulding to a Bathtub

Step 1: Prep

Using a putty knife, hammer, and pry bar, take away all present trim or moulding items from the floor of the tub that you don’t plan to use for this undertaking. Make certain to additionally take away any baseboards that sit flush with the entrance of your bathtub and should get in the way in which of making use of the brand new moulding (elective facet notice – save these baseboards for later as they could be reused once more throughout Step 8). Clean the floor space of your bathtub properly to take away all mud, stains, paint drips, and/or outdated glue on the floor of your tub the place the brand new moulding will go. This is to be certain that the glue adheres to the tub correctly.

How to Add Decorative Moulding to a Bathtub

Step 2: Tile Board

Measure the floor space of the place your tile board goes to go. Cut the tile board in accordance to your measurements utilizing an oscillating multi-tool. Glue the tile board on the flat floor of your tub utilizing Loctite Power Grab glue and a caulk gun. Spread a whole tube of the Loctite Power Grab glue evenly on the again of the tile board earlier than urgent it to the floor of your tub. Reinforce the tile board in place to stop sagging by utilizing clamps if relevant. If clamps don’t match on the configuration of your bathtub, use heavy items of furnishings or scrap items of wooden laying round to safe the tile board in place. Let treatment for 24 hours. Pro tip – place a piece of scrap wooden in between the tile board and clamp to maintain in place and permit clamp to match over the tub. (see photograph).

How to Add Decorative Moulding to a Bathtub

Step 3: Measure and Cut Vinyl Moulding

Using the measurements of your bathtub mixed with the size of the vinyl moulding, draw out a diagram of how your bathtub goes to look. This will permit you to decide how lengthy each bit of vinyl moulding wants to be and the place to make your cuts. Cut six vinyl moulding items in accordance to your measurements utilizing a miter saw (see diagram above labeled with stars). Suggestion: minimize one piece at a time and ensure it suits in place incase your bathtub isn’t completely degree. You may have to return and make some minor changes. I had to do that a few instances with a few items as our bathtub had settled erratically. Measure twice, minimize as soon as!

How to Add Decorative Moulding to a Bathtub

Step 4: Glue Vinyl Moulding

Glue each bit of minimize vinyl moulding to the tile board so as to create the three-panel design. (see photograph). Secure the moulding items in place utilizing clamps and/or further items of wooden.

How to Add Decorative Moulding to a Bathtub

Step 5: Measure, Cut, & Glue Interior Trim

Measure 4 inside sides of rectangles created by vinyl moulding to end out with trim (see photograph). Cut trim items in accordance to measurements.

How to Add Decorative Moulding to a Bathtub

Step 6: Caulk

Caulk any cracks that stay utilizing Silicone caulk. This will be certain that water doesn’t seep in behind the moulding.

How to Add Decorative Moulding to a Bathtub

Step 7: Paint

Apply one coat of Kilz Primer over moulding space. Let dry. Apply one coat of Behr Urethane Alkyd Semi-Gloss Enamel paint in a fascinating colour over primer and let dry. Apply a second coat of paint if mandatory.

Step 8: Add Back Baseboards (Optional)

Glue again any baseboards that have been eliminated throughout step 1, if mandatory. This step is “optional” as a result of, relying on the dimensions of your tub and surrounding partitions. There will not be room left for outdated baseboards due to the brand new moulding added to the bathtub. If baseboards are added again to the encircling partitions, paint to match the brand new bathtub moulding.

How to Add Decorative Moulding to a Bathtub

Now you’ll be able to stand again to admire your superbly new up to date bathtub.

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